ZTR 6-14 Velux 14" Sun Tunnel 6ft of light pipe extension

ZTR 6-14 Velux 14" Sun Tunnel 6' light pipe extension
(Three 2' lengths)
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VELUX Light Pipe

The main component of the VELUX Sun Tunnel Skylight is a super reflective, mirror-like light pipe with a 98% reflectivity rate. The entire length of the pipe's interior is coated with the reflective surface that is responsible for bouncing sunlight several times as it travels through the tube. This material, called Miro-Silver® , is used on all VELUX Sun Tunnel Tubular Skylights. Miro-Silver has been rated the best in its category. Miro-Silver is warranted for 20 years, more than double over it's competitor  Miro-Silver® versus Multi-layer Polymeric Film (MPF)

Many other tubular skylights use a much thinner, less reflective material called Multi-layer Polymeric Film (MPF). A series of tests were conducted comparing the Miro-Silver light pipe to the more standard Multi-layer Polymeric Film (MPF). The test's purpose was to measure the amount of light reflected at different times of the day - particularly when the sun's angle is low and light is really needed (early morning and late afternoon).

Light reflection measurements were taken with the sun's angle at 13.8 and 40 degrees on a 10 foot long x 12" diameter tube. The test results prove that  Miro-Silver light pipes transmit much more light between 13.8 and 40 degrees than the standard Multi-layer Polymeric Film.

Miro-Silver® Light Pipe Advantage Over (MPF)

Amount of
13.8° 98.16% 40 reflections +78% advantage
40.0° 98.22% 11 reflections +17% advantage

Additional Info
Additional Info
Manufacturer Velux
Model No
Type Rigid
Rough Opening 14" Diameter
Delivery T - 7 to 10 Business Days
Popular States No
Popular States No
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